Thank You Cards

The other day I was meeting with a Bride, and she sits down and says, “I need to vent.”

"Why do people not write Thank You's anymore, is that a new trend or something?"

I was completely thrown off by the this comment. I, like most people, always enjoy some happy mail mixed in with the boring mail, and, as weird as it sounds, I enjoy writing them as well. (Of course, that may have to do with my mother making me sit down the day after I received any gift whatsoever and write one.. so, may be it’s a good habit now.) 

As the bride vented on how she hasn’t received one ‘Thank You’ note from any of the showers or weddings she has attended in the past six months, and if there was a ‘Thank you,’ it was an email out to everyone… what’s next a Facebook post?

After giving her time to vent,  I asked, “ So, how are you going to make sure you don’t fall into this same category with your other friends?” She proceeded to tell me her plan for when she and her fiancé would write out ‘Thank You’ notes after each shower, and then after the wedding, they planned to take turns and split the list between the two of them.

I get it.  Life gets busy during the preparation of the wedding and all the pre parties. Then, after the wedding you go on your honeymoon, and the last thing you want to do is come home and go straight to writing Thank You cards; therefore, they get pushed off further and further.  Keep in mind, it’s never too late to write a ‘Thank you.’

Here are THREE Ways to make sure you can get your ‘Thank You cards’ out!

  1. Order Thank You cards in advance, something you like and are excited about using. (  Check out - Noteworthy Expressions )

  2. During your showers/parties, make sure you have someone sitting there writing out what the present is and who it is from. This way, later when you want to start on those ‘Thank you’ notes, you don’t have to go searching for the card or present when you start writing out your cards.

  3. Split the list with your significant other, and maybe even make it a competition to see who can finish first!

Noteworthy Expressions- Invites & Stationery

Noteworthy Expressions- Invites & Stationery

Noteworthy Expressions- Invites & stationery

Noteworthy Expressions- Invites & stationery

Make a Statement Before, During, & After!

 The day you walk down the aisle is the pinnacle of the wedding process, but why not also make a statement with your outfits before, during, and even after on that amazing honeymoon with your new honey!  This is where Laura Walters, the owner of Style Riot, comes into play ( literally with shopping and clothes).

Laura specializes in creating unique wardrobe collections for each of her clients. From doing closet assessments, personal shopping, personal styling, and making sure her clients know their outfits are meant to compliment their bodies and personalities. Ultimately, her services are aimed at maintaining confidence during day to day activities. Laura knows that wedding planning can be stressful, and it requires a lot of focus from the guest list, to the venue, to the vendors, to the invitations, to the decor, to honeymoon plans, to the wedding party, to the dress, and any extra details that combine the big day all together. Laura  noticed that something was always getting pushed to the last minute or added to the bottom of that 'TO DO' list. 

Esther Boston Photography

Esther Boston Photography

THE OUTFITS, OF COURSE! NO ONE EVER forgets about wedding dress shopping even though it is sometimes hard to pick out that perfect dress. . .the one that really looks like you, flaunts what your mama gave you, and makes THAT statement you want for YOUR day. But, it doesn't stop there! You still have all the pre-celebration parties to attend that will need gorgeous outfits: from the engagement party, to the engagement photo sessions, that many guests will see, like showers and bachelor / bachelorette parties. 

As a result of this observation, Laura recently embarked on a new branch of her business . . . expanding her styling talent to assist brides in finding those key outfits! 

She has several package options. Her packages start with the 'Engagement Photos;' this package consists of styling, personal shopping, day-of assistance during your photos, and dry cleaning/returning clothing. Laura's  'Wedding Gown' package includes trend research, appointment coordination, dress shopping, accessories consultation, tailoring, and wedding day styling. Or, if you are completely lost in where to even start with an outfit, you can do the ' Wedding Events Package' that includes styling for four (4) of these six (6) events: engagement photos, engagement party, bachelorette party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, honeymoon packing/shopping. If you aren't seeing the package that fits you, then no worries! Laura can customize a package to fit your needs and wants! 

"Laura was such a big help with our engagement photos! She really understood how to create outfits that complimented each other and made our vision become a reality. Her spunk & fun personality made us so comfortable and willing to get out of our comfort zone!" Dina  Engagement Photo styling client

"Laura was such a big help with our engagement photos! She really understood how to create outfits that complimented each other and made our vision become a reality. Her spunk & fun personality made us so comfortable and willing to get out of our comfort zone!" Dina Engagement Photo styling client


So what are you waiting for contact Laura today for wardrobe assistance!


Don't forget to check out more of her work on her!


Instagram: the_styleriot

Facebook: StyleRiotBusiness



Make a little $$, spend a little $ 

Weddings can become expensive quickly, so making extra money and cutting spending become the number one mission.

The Toggery resale shop is your place to make a few extra $$! Tuesday- Friday from 10am- 6pm you can bring in your items that just are not doing you justice anymore and are never leaving your closet. Don't just stop at the clothing clean out either, because they also accept gently used shoes, jewerly, and small household items. Once you consign your items, your items are priced on your account, and when they sell, the money stays in your account until you come to pick up a check or use a credit. 

Not only can you consign your items at The Toggery, but you can do some shopping, of course! The Toggery carries designer labels, trendy apparel, and unique finds that you  can pull together that result in a stunning outfit for the parties (bachelorette, showers, and rehearsal dinner) at reasonable costs that won't break the bank and still let you keep saving for the wedding.  


Putting together an outfit can be hard work, and sometimes we just don't have an eye for it, even if the pieces are in front of us. But, if you come in on Mondays or book an appointment with Style Riot's Laura, she will help you put that bold, eye-catching, never-to-be forgotten outfit together! Not only does  Laura have options for revamping your closet or personalized styling, but she now has bridal styling options as well. She can help you find your perfect engagement outfit, consult on the wedding dress, assist with bridesmaids' dresses and mother of the bride dresses, and many more options to make sure you look GLAMOURS and totally pulled together before and on your big day! 

Check out her site-

So, what are you waiting for? Clean out that closet and take those gently used items to The Toggery and make ya some $$! Or, simply go revamp your closet with brand name pieces for half the price!