A Little Something About Me



This is where I tell you about my highly educated and highly experienced self. But, those details don't really matter, as I have learned that placing yourself right into the chaos of the job is where you learn the true lessons in life and what you're are capable of doing.

On the other hand, this IS a section about me. So, a few fun facts about me are below.

  • I am an event coordinator at beautiful Zyntango Farm.
  •  I get goosebumps every time the couples I work with do their "first look" before the ceremony.
  • I didn't plan to work with weddings when I first started my education in the events department and especially didn't plan on it after watching Jennifer Lopez be one but some how I am here.
  • I love long walks on the ocean floor as opposite to the beach during the wedding off season.

You may disagree with, like, or just not get where I am going, but I do thank you for stopping in and skimming through the pages. This blog is here to help couples with their planning processes, from the dysfunction of family and friends chiming in and asking too many questions, to struggling with vendor selection and sticking within the budget all while trying to make everyone happy, when in the end it's their wedding.

 - Kait                 

Photos by: Jinx Photography,  Bre Jenkins

Photos by: Jinx Photography,  Bre Jenkins