Flower Preservation by Desna’s Designs

Have you ever thought of keeping your beautiful flowers as a keepsake?

Desna’s Designs does just that— Preserving the moments that matter! Desna’s Designs creates keepsakes by placing your beautiful flowers in frames or cases that allow you to add photos, stationary, and any other memorabilia from your special day.

The owner, Desna, will work with you from day one on designing your perfect piece. Whether you are a “plan ahead” person and arrange to save your flowers from the moment you start planning months before your wedding, or if you wake up the day after your wedding and realize that you want to save your flowers, Desna will work with you. Desna will meet with you, find the right encasements for your budget, and plan the layout and style. Also, Desna always suggests that couples bring more flowers or items, if you have them—THE MORE THE MERRIER! Once the planning process is over, Desna and her team will start the drying of the flowers, recreating the bouquet, designing the case, and, “Ta-da!” all the magic happens in house!

How can you keep your flowers fresh for Desna? Keep your flowers in water and in a cool room, like a basement or a room with few windows. How to keep a boutonnière fresh? Keep a damp paper towel under it.

Not close to Noblesville? No worries, you can still ship your flowers in.

Gift Idea- For parents and any close friends that may have helped you on your special day. Take some of your flowers or their own boutonniere/ bouquet and have it placed in an ornament for them to hang on their tree or around their house. ( Pictures below)

Not only does Desna preserve flowers, she has also teamed up with the ‘ Wedding Gown Preservation Co’ so you can preserve that beautiful dress of yours! But, it doesn’t stop there! They accept and work with other items as well, from your veil, handkerchief, jacket, or gloves. All of these items can be added into the piece once they have cleaned and preserved the dress.

What are you waiting for? Call Desna to start your planning process today! It’s never too early to start thinking about how to preserve the moments that matter!

Desna Aspy

(317) 727-7828



Traditions Are Meant To Be Broken ( In A Good Way)

Do you stick with the old, or upgrade to the new? Many newlywed couples ask themselves, "Do I really need to stick with all of the old traditions in the ceremony and reception?" The answer is no. Do what makes you feel comfortable and fits your style.

 Bouquet, Garter Toss? 

If you find that the bouquet and garter toss is too cheesy, then take it out--especially if most of your friends are already married or soon to be.  Why make those two or three friends who are still single go out there awkwardly and be embarrassed, when you can take that extra time and use it towards something more engaging and enjoyable, like a speech or more dancing?

Over The Unity Candle?

Feel free to substitute the candle with another unifying activity that involves you both working together:

- Nailing a box shut with love letters and a bottle of wine,

- Planting a plant in a pot to watch it grow together( and later on in the marriage when it outgrows the pot,  you can plant it in a yard, which will bring back fun memories),

- Make your own brand and burn it onto a piece of wood,

- Combine two different colors of sand into one vase, or

- Tie your own unity knot with rope

● Have Too Many Kids In The Family?

That is absolutely fine. You can use them all! You don’t have to have just have one flower girl and one ring bearer. You can have as many as you want! If you still want to keep those numbers small, then give the other kids tasks that involve them in the wedding in other ways, like

-  Standing near the guest book making sure all the guests sign

-  Taking gifts/cards from guests and placing them nicely on the table or in the card box

-  Being ushers and taking guests to their seats

-  Passing out fun celebration kits, like bubbles, rice, confetti, flowers, sprinkles, and etc.

5 Ways to Cut Spending for the Wedding

●      Cut the programs.

Spending money on paper stock and design of a program adds up quickly for items that will be used for 10 minutes then find their way either to the trash or the ground. The best way to inform guests about wedding party members and ceremony schedule is to make a sign. You can always write on a clear window, chalkboard, or poster. Creativity is key! You can also DIY a chalkboard sign by purchasinga big picture frame from a thrift store, spray painting it with black chalk paint, then writing on it with chalk pen. Voila!

Venue: Zyntango Farm (Whitestown, IN)

●      Guest party favors

Guest favors are generous, but are they really worth the extra money and time to make? Don’t get me wrong, some favors are great to receive as guests: honey, hangover kit, or your own drink coozie. But, some guests may forget it and then you are stuck with extras! If you really want to show your guests your appreciation for their attendence , then take time out of the wedding to go thank them personally for coming. A personal acknowledgement means so much more than a small bag of candy or random item with your name and date on it.

●      Use the extra amenities your venue offers.

All venues are different, but many offer extra amenities that come along with booking or can be added on for a small fee that will make it easier for you to enjoy your special day. Décor items add up quickly; therefore, always check to see if the venue offers any décor items, from small mirrors, vases, signs, to other décor to bring the room together.

●      Keep your dessert simple.

Buying a three to four layer cake isn’t always the best option; often half of it goes to waste or there is an extreme charge to just have the caterer cut it for your guests. Keeping with the cake tradition can still happen, but on a smaller layer, literally. Have a small cake for you and your significant other, but then provide another small dessert for the guests from truffles, cake pops, cupcakes, to a fun goodie bar of desserts that allows them to make their own sweet plate.

●      Facebook and resale groups.

Facebook resell groups are a great place to find décor, linens, and other items that you may need to tie your day together. Use these pages to your advantage.  You can get items at a discounted price, such as, table pieces, linens, and extra décor pieces . Not only can you use these groups to find décor items, but you can always ask advice on vendors, locations, and any other concerns you have the special day.