Looking To Host Your Next Shower in Indy?

Looking for just the right place to host your engagement party, shower, or small gathering?  The heart of Broad Ripple holds the perfect gem for that purpose: 'Just Pop In!' . This place will make you oooh and ahh from the moment you walk in-- from the beautiful furniture to the reused bar back of the old house that once sat there to the decor and unique wallpaper all the way down to the bathrooms--you will be entranced! As you explore, be sure to check out the neon light wall that tells a story about Mandy & Carly's family through the old photos, including photos of their uncle's dog and their grandparents.


Now, let's get to the really good stuff!  The 'Over Flow' room upstairs is the perfect spot where you can host your next event! As you walk up the stairs, you are greeted by a gorgeous, antique bar where guests can receive either beer or wine throughout the event. As you go further into the room, you are welcomed by a large barn table and an attention-grabbing TV—for access to a slideshow, video, or the posting of a monogram. In addition, there is seating at plenty of small tables with  dazzling decor.  The connecting room has quaint sitting areas as well as pineapple wallpaper that welcomes and invites—we all know pineapples are a sign of hospitality! The rooms are appointed and decorated perfectly down to the tiniest of detail, and you won’t  need any  extra decor to spruce it up because is already stunning! The enchantment doesn't stop there, because you also have access to the balcony area. On the balcony, guests are able to enjoy some fresh air while looking out onto the Broad Ripple scene. 

Just Pop In! has an onsite kitchen, so you don't have to worry about you and your guests going hungry! Their staff is there to make sure you have food throughout the event and the drinks keep being poured!  

The owners, Mandy & Carly, brought this stunning California Farm House to life; they created the perfect setting by coordinating wallpaper, decor, and furniture, and then they added the ideal balance of service by mixing in drinks, small plates, food and an attentive staff to create just the right setting for your next event. So, the next time you are looking to host your small celebration contact Mary ( mary@justpopinonline.com );  you and your guests won't be disappointed! 


Important Tip In Wedding Planning


Go enjoy a movie, a new restaurant, breakfast in bed, or sleep! Whatever it is that makes you both happy! Remember that the small stresses will become nothing, and at the end of the day, you both want to be with each other!


Enjoy & Cheers! 


I'll be back in a few weeks! 

Cutting The Guests List Can Be A Piece Of Cake

Everyone stresses over who to invite! If you invite those two, then you have to invite those four others. Yes, it can be stressful!  But in the end, remember it is YOUR day, and YOU are allowed to invite whomever you want to invite to share this special day.

Cutting the guest list can sound harsh, but it is saving you from spending endless amounts of money on people who may or may not be close to you now or in the next few years. The key is "Why spend money on them when you can spend it on others who you know are there to support you on your special day and the rest of your life together?" 

Questions to think about when deciding on whether or not to invite certain guests:

●  Have you talked to them in the past year?

●  Would you spend time with them in your free time?

● Are they important to YOU or your parents? If they are important to your parents, then the next question is, "Are your parents paying for the wedding?" If so, then you may have to bite the bullet (or in this case, the cake) and invite them. But, if you are covering the costs yourself, then it's completely your call.

● Would you pay for their meal any other time if you ran into them? This is big because you may be spending a good chunk of money on meals at your wedding, and you need to think about whether it is really worth inviting this person because you will have to spend blank dollars to feed them.