Thank You Cards

The other day I was meeting with a Bride, and she sits down and says, “I need to vent.”

"Why do people not write Thank You's anymore, is that a new trend or something?"

I was completely thrown off by the this comment. I, like most people, always enjoy some happy mail mixed in with the boring mail, and, as weird as it sounds, I enjoy writing them as well. (Of course, that may have to do with my mother making me sit down the day after I received any gift whatsoever and write one.. so, may be it’s a good habit now.) 

As the bride vented on how she hasn’t received one ‘Thank You’ note from any of the showers or weddings she has attended in the past six months, and if there was a ‘Thank you,’ it was an email out to everyone… what’s next a Facebook post?

After giving her time to vent,  I asked, “ So, how are you going to make sure you don’t fall into this same category with your other friends?” She proceeded to tell me her plan for when she and her fiancé would write out ‘Thank You’ notes after each shower, and then after the wedding, they planned to take turns and split the list between the two of them.

I get it.  Life gets busy during the preparation of the wedding and all the pre parties. Then, after the wedding you go on your honeymoon, and the last thing you want to do is come home and go straight to writing Thank You cards; therefore, they get pushed off further and further.  Keep in mind, it’s never too late to write a ‘Thank you.’

Here are THREE Ways to make sure you can get your ‘Thank You cards’ out!

  1. Order Thank You cards in advance, something you like and are excited about using. (  Check out - Noteworthy Expressions )

  2. During your showers/parties, make sure you have someone sitting there writing out what the present is and who it is from. This way, later when you want to start on those ‘Thank you’ notes, you don’t have to go searching for the card or present when you start writing out your cards.

  3. Split the list with your significant other, and maybe even make it a competition to see who can finish first!

Noteworthy Expressions- Invites & Stationery

Noteworthy Expressions- Invites & Stationery

Noteworthy Expressions- Invites & stationery

Noteworthy Expressions- Invites & stationery

Benefits To A Morning/Early Afternoon Wedding

Pricing Can Be Cheaper

When having a morning/early afternoon wedding, the pricing of the venue can change. SInce you are only occupying the space in the morning and early afternoon, the venue still has a chance to rent the evening for another wedding. This goes for vendors as well.  If vendors are able to have their evenings free, they may be able to double book that day, giving them more money in their pockets than if they were only having ONE evening event. This way they may give you a deal since your event will be done before the evening weddings start. Also, if you're doing an open bar, many people don’t drink heavily in the morning or early afternoon like they would do at an evening wedding, thereby, saving you more money right there at the bar!

You Have The Whole Evening To Relax

The great benefit of being able to have your whole wedding over by the early afternoon is that you have the whole rest of the evening to do whatever you want! You can either take the evening and go off and relax with your significant other, close friends, or family. Or, if you don't want the night to end, take it out to your favorite town night spot with your friends. It's a wonderful way to celebrate your marriage with friends and family at your favorite local spots.

Change In The Normal Routine

Everyone jokes that the ‘wedding season is here.' With that in mind, guests get in the routine of, “ Oh, we have a wedding this weekend, so the night is out of the question to do anything!” But, by planning your wedding to not be like everyone else’s, i.e. scheduled on a weekend evening, you are giving your guests something to look forward to AND a free evening! Most couples don’t do morning or early afternoon weddings; therefore, guests will be excited and intrigued to see how your wedding works and possibly thankful that they celebrate with you and also have their evenings to do what they want .


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