The Perfect Wedding Dress

Is there such a thing as the perfect dress? If you find yourself in front of Leila Breton for a consultation, then yes, you will be one step closer to perfection!

Leila is the owner and designer of ‘ Curvy Custom Bride'.’ She works closely with you to make sure she designs that ‘one of a kind’ wedding dress you have always dreamed of having. Not only are you getting a ‘one of a kind’ dress that you helped to create, but your personal creation will require ZERO alterations after being made since Leila will build your perfect creation to your exact measurements right then and there; she will design your dress to flatter and fit every inch your body in just the right way. Curvy Custom Bride empowers women of all curves, angles and sizes, and Leila helps each and every bride embrace her unique curves, dips, angles and shapes so that each of her brides accentuates, flatters and celebrates her uniqueness. Leila takes your personal measurements and creates a dress that will fall correctly, fit completely, and accent perfectly. In addition, Leila is a master at individualizing each bride’s dress so that ‘the girls’ stay in place during your special day, so there is no worry about positioning or shifting or tugging up or down. No pesky wardrobe malfunctions!

Photography by Chantal Dominique

How Can I Get a Custom Dress?

  1. The further out from your event the better, but you should have your first meeting with Leila a minimum of 6- 8 months before the big day. This meeting is the perfect time to bring all of your ideas and inspiration ( Pinterest comes in handy at this point). This gives Leila a sense of your style, desired material, creative theme, and personal look. During the meeting you will talk through ideas and goals for your dress.

  2. This next step is where Leila works her magic as she develops a sketch from your previous meeting, her notes, and your notes.

  3. HUG SESSION! It can be hard to be a bride and not have a real picture of your dress. So this is an opportunity for you to come in again to Leila’s shop, see all the fabric that will be involved in your piece, and to touch it, feel it and fall in love with it.

  4. Just like in her business’s name ‘ Cuvy Custom Bride,’ the emphasis is on the BRIDE not BrideS. Leila works on ONE dress at a time to make sure she is fully focused and devoted to you and your dress.

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Thank You Cards

The other day I was meeting with a Bride, and she sits down and says, “I need to vent.”

"Why do people not write Thank You's anymore, is that a new trend or something?"

I was completely thrown off by the this comment. I, like most people, always enjoy some happy mail mixed in with the boring mail, and, as weird as it sounds, I enjoy writing them as well. (Of course, that may have to do with my mother making me sit down the day after I received any gift whatsoever and write one.. so, may be it’s a good habit now.) 

As the bride vented on how she hasn’t received one ‘Thank You’ note from any of the showers or weddings she has attended in the past six months, and if there was a ‘Thank you,’ it was an email out to everyone… what’s next a Facebook post?

After giving her time to vent,  I asked, “ So, how are you going to make sure you don’t fall into this same category with your other friends?” She proceeded to tell me her plan for when she and her fiancé would write out ‘Thank You’ notes after each shower, and then after the wedding, they planned to take turns and split the list between the two of them.

I get it.  Life gets busy during the preparation of the wedding and all the pre parties. Then, after the wedding you go on your honeymoon, and the last thing you want to do is come home and go straight to writing Thank You cards; therefore, they get pushed off further and further.  Keep in mind, it’s never too late to write a ‘Thank you.’

Here are THREE Ways to make sure you can get your ‘Thank You cards’ out!

  1. Order Thank You cards in advance, something you like and are excited about using. (  Check out - Noteworthy Expressions )

  2. During your showers/parties, make sure you have someone sitting there writing out what the present is and who it is from. This way, later when you want to start on those ‘Thank you’ notes, you don’t have to go searching for the card or present when you start writing out your cards.

  3. Split the list with your significant other, and maybe even make it a competition to see who can finish first!

Noteworthy Expressions- Invites & Stationery

Noteworthy Expressions- Invites & Stationery

Noteworthy Expressions- Invites & stationery

Noteworthy Expressions- Invites & stationery